Services Offered by Rink-Tec

Rink-Tec is a qualified contractor able to service any system and determine the best and most cost-efficient options to existing rinks and new construction.

Ice Rink Installation

From the ground up, Rink-Tec is the most qualified contractor to install your rink floor. With over 300 floor installations, we install the best quality floor with the most advanced equipment. Our floor crew is certified in fusion piping and has a combined 100+ years of experience.


Any system, any installation, any requirement can be fulfilled by our staff. We have the best service people in the industry able to diagnose and fix any system out there. Continuing education and hands-on experience with hundreds of facilities makes us the most knowledgeable and respected maintenance company around.

Refrigeration Systems & Retrofits

We are proud to build our own refrigeration systems right here in our Little Canada Office. We work directly with engineers, rink owners, general contractors and architects to build the best refrigeration system for our customers. All of our plans are certified and guaranteed to meet and exceed each project’s requirements in the best possible design, using the most detailed and effective means possible. Building our own equipment guarantees that the workmanship is of the best quality and the installation will be smooth and cohesive.

24-hour Service & Repair

Full-time employees are on-call 24 hours a day to respond to and act on any service emergencies you may have immediately. We are qualified to assess every situation and offer solutions immediately to prevent additional damage or issues. Our goal is to maintain ice and make sure owners and operators keep their ice and continue operating their facilities without interruption.