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Rink-Tec International, Inc. has been designing and building ice rink
refrigeration systems since 1979. With over 37 years of dedicated
experience within the industry, Rink-Tec is proud to be an industry expert
sought out from coast to coast and in many countries throughout the world.
We stand behind our reputation!

State-of-the-Art Engineering
that Saves Energy

Rinc-Tec systems are custom engineered to meet usage needs
and climate requirements. Our project managers are experts
at applying cutting edge technology that results in lower initial cost
and lower operating expenses without sacrificing quality.

We Stand by Our Custom Built Systems
and Quality Equipment

Since 1979, Rink-Tec has designed and built hundreds of
refrigeration systems from coast to coast and in many countries
throughout the world. We urge you to contact us to receive our
customer list and ask them about their experience with Rink-Tec.

Welcome to Rink-Tec International, Inc.

Rink-Tec is an expert ice rink contractor able to service any refrigeration system and determine the best and most cost-efficient options to existing rinks and new ice rink construction.

Ice Rink Construction Plans, Design Specs & Details

You deserve to make a well-informed and trusted decision for your ice rink construction

Every individual, company, or government agency considering ice rink construction project deserves to understand the details of ice rink construction before moving ahead with a plan. There are very important details associated with the design, construction, and the ongoing operation of an ice arena. The level of expertise behind Rink Tec, Inc. is truly unsurpassable. Our custom refrigeration systems are built specifically for each project by our own hands. We are happy to provide the foundation of information you need for your ice rink construction project. We invite you to take a look at our project portfolio and contact us with your interests.


Rink-Tec will travel to build or repair your ice!

Whether you’re in our home region of the Midwest and Canada or elsewhere on the globe, our experts will come to you with the latest technologies, unmatched service and a design to fit your needs.

We are inspired by the unique challenges of geography and climate and look forward to visiting your hometown.

Rink-Tec – Innovations for YOUR Hometown

Personalized Rink-Tec service, wherever you are on the map!

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